Wednesday, May 19, 2010


First time I went to prom. I have always seen pictures and glorified prom as this amazing thing where people look beautiful and take pictures, then have fun dancing the night away. I was looking forward to it majorly and felt it was completely necessary for me to go. Well, I went and it was really fun, but it wasn't the way I pictured it at all. I went with my best friend and so I felt real comfortable. We met up with a huge group of girls and three couples. We took pictures at the prime 'picture taking place'... the Boise Depot. In the morning I joined a few of my friends at the park and we played a weird baseball games (without rules) and the ultimate frisbee. That was a blast. At 8 then we headed to the concert house where it was held. It was hot, small, stale, sweaty, and disgusting with all the sweaty hot bodies so tight together. But, we certainly had fun. It didn't seem like anyone cared too much that it was COMPLETELY uncomfortable, but that they just wanted to have a fun time. While it may have not been ANYTHING like I had romanticized I loved dressing up, and hanging out with my best buddies. Thanks.


Dress: Thrifted, then re-did. Hairpiece: DIY. Pearly necklace: made by me. Bag: Church giveaway. Pointy shoes: Rave.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apple trees

Wore this to school on Wednesday and took pictures in our fancy locker room! This is the apple sweater that Lilac stole one day and then it fell behind the bleachers at the track meet and was there for about 2 weeks getting dirty. Then Lilac finally remembered to get it and my mommy washed it and I wore it! tada! It has fantastic little apple trees on it which makes it fruity, juicy, and delicious!
Apple tree sweater: Church giveaway. Green corduroy skirt: Thrifted. Gold Flats: Oldnavy

Sunday, May 9, 2010

eggggz for my mama

This is what I wore to try and get farm fresh eggs but the kid that was selling them left when Lilac and I came back with money :( Bummer...

Black Old Navy Dress: Thrifted. Green Plaid vest: Church giveaway. Duck Belt: thrifted. Dark wooden necklace: thrifted. Light wooden necklace: Claire's. Bag: Church giveaway.


I found the pictures to my overalls!! So here they are!! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I seemed to have a lot of stuff packed in. One thing I did was announce with my friend at the Coach's meet. Our track coaches competed against Planet Fitness and Kohl's at a fundraiser meet. Our coaches won but everyone had such a blast...

Blue t-shirt: Oldnavy. Gingham-alls: Church giveaway. Asparagus rubber bands...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hair cut and wrap skirt.

I cut my hair on Saturday! and I am pretty proud of it. I will probably run faster now with less weight... plus my hair doesn't bounce into my eyeballs anymore! yay!

This skirt is an extra large dress that really doesn't fit right so I turned it into a wrap skirt. It felt a bit poufy but I suppose it doesn't matter now. I wore blue checked overalls the rest of the day... I had pictures but I accidentally deleted them before I had made copies. I will take pictures of the outfit another day when I wear them again.

I am so ready for summer when I can run around with overalls, tank-top, and sandals!!! aah... I a sooo ready for you, summer!

plus! I just signed with a college for running!! So, no more stress 'bout that!!

Crocheted sweater: Thrifted. Black Velvet Dress: Thrifted. Woven Belt: Bass. Wrap dress (worn as skirt): church giveaway. Brown shoes: Goodwilled