Thursday, October 20, 2011


In this outfit I master the clubs, dish out the dancing, and I'm fancy freaky fresh. I've got these browline glasses that are slightly difficult to wear because I can only wear them with successful outfits. They are superbly lovely though and I'd live to take them out to the club. I still have to figure out why they are called clubmasters. Oh, and that club going will never happen... I don't club. Oh, it just so happens that Buddy Holly and Malcolm X wore these style glasses. That makes me cool. :P

Sunglasses: 80's purple. Black sheer shirt: thrifted. White collar: giveaway. DIY bow. Black pants: thrifted. Cow print belt: giveaway. Shoes: thrifted.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Moving to the sounds of silence

One of the things I feel is trendy now is movement. There must be a balance between being frumpy and showing off curves. In my outfit, I balanced my incredulously large pants with a simple tight tank top. Another way to manage the balance is with sheer. A light colored loose flowing sheer shows off whatever you are wearing in a contrasting color.
Good luck with your future twirling clothes!

Tanktop: OldNavy. Belt: thrifted. Gauchos: thrifted. Shoes: Thrifted.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It Pleases Me.

So, just before school started I had a gift card splurge and bought these fantastic shoes at Old Navy. These wedges are my new favorite shoes. They match so well with practically everything in my closet which reminds me to make sure I am mixing things up. They are a perfect height although they would look better with an extra inch in the heel. The downside of Old Navy shoes are breathe ability. To accommodate that fact I learned on Yahoo! I made sure the shoe was a smidge too big so I could wear them with socks.
At the same time I got my shoes, I also bought these rose-tinted sunglasses for about 2 dollars! They are more of a challenge to pull off because of the unusual tint, but if I am feeling a 70's vibe I'll throw them on. Oh, and yea, I do know they don't actually perfectly match this outfit. I just wanted to wear them because they were new!

This is me... please ignore the strange goatee I seem to have.

Sunglasses: OldNavy. Crocheted blouse: 2ndhand. Skirt: thrifted. Belt: Bass. Wedges: OldNavy.