Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello? Is anybody there?

Good evening. It has not quite yet been a full year since I last made a blog post. I don't know what made me stop... oh yeah, life. Well, I don't want to only have life as my own, but to share it! I don't really know what blogs are for other than that. I was trying to restrict myself to only post fashion things, outfits, but I love more than that and want to open my blog into experiences and beautiful moments. I will always have a stylistic perspective but I need this to be bigger. I am a dreamer and need to focus on my dreams because I just graduated college and my next step is becoming less and less known.

I am going to be student teaching in a middle school for a little while and working a retail job. I want to learn all that I can about people and their wants and needs to become my future self who might want to open a shop, or coach a team, or teach students, or pick up trash, or all three! I will be sharing beautiful life moments because one of my most favorite things is noticing those and making connections from those to others. Because that barely even makes sense in my head, which means it looks like a tangle to you, I will say that I want to share beautiful things with hopes that it brings someone else a little light. I just hope I don't show too many pictures of cute baby animals...