Monday, April 26, 2010

Little petunia

This shirt is terribly comfortable. It's like wearing a cotton t-shirt you get when you finish a race for a cause. Such as a Race for the Cure shirt or Barber to Boise or Women's fitness run. This shirt is even more comfortable because it's made out of this silky flowing material. I would never sweat in this.
These fanto-socks were going to be saved for a day when I would sell them but I couldn't stand it any longer and had to wear them. Because they just matched so well. :) ha ha!

Flower print top: church giveaway. Velvet skirt: made by me from the bottom of a dress. Polka dot bag: gift probably from Walmart (I am a non-supporter). fishnet socks: Wetseal. pumps: thrifted.

I need to fix the bottom of these heels because I wear them too often. They became so worn that the nail part shows. I don't know what to buy to replace that part because I don't know what it is called. If anyone knows, do tell!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonder woman

Yesterday was the oh-so-great annual church giveaway. My sisters and I helped out in the morning and before we left we ended up filling a huge box with stuff. By the time we were going through things then no one was around looking at stuff so I didn't feel so bad grabbing everything I wanted. We ended up with two pairs of shoes, two bags, one majorly obese person's stretch pants, and a bunch of shirts. Lilac and I also found these really cute old books. They were a Reader's digest book of shortened stories that looked like they weren't ever opened. I also found this old green swirly looking picture frame that is fantastico.

I probably won't end up posting this week at all (not as if I ever do), but even more this week because I am making it "wear tennis shoes to school" week. I felt that I may have a mild eenie weinie bit of shin-splints so to be wary I am wearing tennis shoes to school.

Have a great week!!

Striped dress: Thrifted and redone by me. Red necklace: Thrifted. other necklace: From japanese grandma. Shiny pants: Thrifted. "Wonder woman" belt: church giveaway. Blue checked heels: church giveaway. Bag: church giveaway.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I felt real blue-green today. With my blue top, green scarf, and green bag. I also had a green pencil that I didn't purposely choose to grab. These are the 25 cent pants I talked about earlier. After I washed them they became really wrinkled, but they still fit swell-ly.

I think that fashion is taking something really ugly pairing it with a bunch of different things until you make it look good. I'll give a good example later this week.

Blue dress: Thrifted. Black vest: Thrifted. Scarf (bottom of a skirt): Grandma Nancy. Black Pants: Thrifted. Belt: a strap Peach found and a butterfly pin. Black heels: Wet Seal.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

80's workout pants

I found these amazing pants before going on my college trips last week during spring break. I was looking in my mom's closet for anything she recently stole and found these! They are uber comfy but looked kind of like washed out cotton; it has that greyish black look.

On the spring break trip though, I found some pants similar to these ones made of a nicer fabric. They were 25 cents!! I found them in a Montana thrift store and will have to wear them soon. At that thrift store I also found a beautiful hand-done clear plastic ring. I will wear that soon, too.

Perhaps to my senior project presentation! To liven up my outfit. I picked a really simple outfit to look professional for the driver's education class. I am teaching bike safety.I need to get new flats. These ones have terrible holes on the bottom that you can't really see from the pictures. I have had them since middle school, though, so it's about time.

Animal print dress: F21. Necklace: mm...idk. Black Cardi: Thrifted. Black denim vest: Thrifted. Foot hooked pants: mother's. Silver flats: Oldnavy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

So sorry about being slack about posting. I have just been pretty busy with senior projects and picking college. I still haven't decided where I want to go and should choose relatively soon.

This outfit is incredibly hypocritical because I love animals and am vegetarian. On the day celebrating rebirth and new life I wore a dead animal on my shoulders... to church! Of all the places to be hypocritical. I feel that I was epitome of irony. The poofy tulle skirt, though, was such fun to wear and I only paid 97 cents!!

Leather jacket: From Grandma Nancy. Flower skirt (as dress): Thrifted. Red Tulle skirt: Thrifted. Brown Maryjanes: Thrifted.