Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ref skirt

 At the basketball game, I decided to cheer for the ref. He won. Just to clear one thing up, I didn't wear this to the bball game. I wore jeans and a college shirt. What jeans? Yup, but I always feel weird in jeans. I feel short... which is hard to avoid.

Dress (tucked into skirt): thrifted. Skirt: F21. Grey Tights: Target. Boots: UO.

Two skirts

 Put on white and black because it's contrast is the only thing you can count on.

White shirt: Roommate's. Tiered skirt worn as top: ross. Leather skirt: 2ndhand. Boots: Ross

Friday, December 21, 2012

Snicket Snake

 WARNING: This post is very tangential. Here is my map of tangents, so that I don't have to explain it long-hand: I like snake-print, I don't like snakes, snake sounds like snicket, snicket- lemoney snicket, is a dude, his name isn't "Lemoney" it's John, that's boring, I see why he'd change it, Gaga says that she changes the way she views her past to make it seem beautiful, maybe people would be happier if they just changed how they see events?

So, there are a zillion ways to approach the same situation and each person has a different way. To see the beauty of it all, an open mind is needed and a desire to understand. While this is so vague, I hope it helps someone today or whenever this is read to maybe reveal a certain situation. (?)

Snakeprint sweater: thrifted. Linen skirt: 2ndhand. Socks: cut-off old footed tights. Stiletto boots: JCpenny.

Here's to love and thought!

Pig in a blanket

I am super hypocritical. I don't eat meat partly for the reason that people shouldn't need to kill animals to feed themselves. So, why do I wear leather? I don't like the idea of leather, but it is so natural but tough-looking. Well, I got these shorts 2nd hand from a friend and I don't have to think twice about accepting them, because I love how leather looks. I just wish a little that it didn't have to be a dead pig or cow wrapped around by butt. I found some better outlets, like recycled bike tires still have that same look, but I have yet to find a skirt made out of bike tires. (I found this really cool bike-tire bag, though. Once I find a spare 80 bucks, it's mine) Well, happy hunting to all!!

Mercer Handbag white, black, alchemy goods

Red knit sweater: gifted. Lace camisol: consignment. Leather shorts: diy from 2nd hand leather skirt. Black boots: UO.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Waldo's Granny Punked Up

Just another day mixing knits with wool and lace. Balanced all of the texture by putting black pieces throughout. Black is super important in my closet and is slowly taking over. That's okay because black is never out of fashion so each black investment I make I am making an investment in my style for the rest of my life, hopefully.

Wool blazer: thrifted. Knit sleeveless top: consignment. Studded belt: 2ndhand. Skirt: thrifted. Black wedge boots: UO.