Friday, December 21, 2012

Pig in a blanket

I am super hypocritical. I don't eat meat partly for the reason that people shouldn't need to kill animals to feed themselves. So, why do I wear leather? I don't like the idea of leather, but it is so natural but tough-looking. Well, I got these shorts 2nd hand from a friend and I don't have to think twice about accepting them, because I love how leather looks. I just wish a little that it didn't have to be a dead pig or cow wrapped around by butt. I found some better outlets, like recycled bike tires still have that same look, but I have yet to find a skirt made out of bike tires. (I found this really cool bike-tire bag, though. Once I find a spare 80 bucks, it's mine) Well, happy hunting to all!!

Mercer Handbag white, black, alchemy goods

Red knit sweater: gifted. Lace camisol: consignment. Leather shorts: diy from 2nd hand leather skirt. Black boots: UO.

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