Monday, January 14, 2013

Fuzzy Plastic Tigers

 Wore this on a day that didn't require boots to walk to class. Got this vest at Forever 21 on their black friday sale which puts their clearance half-off. Mostly it's real soft which is to my very liking. Softness has such a lavish look to it but can be dangerous because it loses figure. Wear the magic slimming color of black or just pair with tight jeans or tights with a short skirt.

Vest: F21. Dress: 2ndhand. Strappy heels: garage sale. Scarf: 2ndhand.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Slouchin' n' Splatter

 I look super bored in these pictures. Good thing I am not going to become a model in my future career. I just like putting clothes on and as long as you can see my clothes and I'm not blurry, it doesn't matter that my camera was set up on a stool that was 6 feet away pointing at me squatting in a hallway.

Vest: 2nd hand. Kimono style shirt: Old Navy. Splatter plants: garage sale. Boots: JCPenney.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Emma Mulholland

 I found this designer, Emma Mulholland, in this app I installed called trendstop which I love, except for I have to pay to be able to get close ups on the pictures and I also can't see some of the trends and articles. ANYWAYS, I really liked this designer and decided to look her up. I loved this holographic look that she has with her designs, as if her models were wearing mirrors and were standing in a room of white light.

 Some of her things were dark like the casual get-up below, but she always managed to brighten it up with neon alien heads and of course the gold flatforms.
 Her prints also reflect tribal print like in the zig-zag pattern on this skirt. Her other pieces have more tribal influence in the print.
 This spring, I think that these bright colors and graphic print will be popular. Snag something metallic off the shelf quick.
Hope I brightened up your day!