Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Holy Smokes! I am not dead! Nor is my camera lost anymore! It's a smudge harder to put up pictures when you take them from your cell phone, and they're blurry. Well, I have one more last cell phone outfit and I have two outfits that I have pictures for... just no blog post. They're coming I swear. Enjoy for now!!

Got this 'Studded Bow Band' from Claire's
that you can't see from the previous pictures.
I swear I have it on.

Blazer: Renewed Expressions. Stripes: Church giveaway. Belt: 2nd hand. Skirt: Old Navy. Then I wore black tights with my Shopko slouch boots.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Penguin Day!

Today is Penquin Appreciation day and in my apreciation for penguins I picked out some great black with white outfits. I just realized though, that it's mostly black with some white. Well, enjoy the penguins! Oh and in respect of the penguins who have a smallening place to live, please... don't let your water run when you are shaving... today... and THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! taha!

Emily Weiss from Vogue's "5 Days 5 outfits 1 woman"
-While this outfit looks ridiculously simple, there are things that can go wrong with black, on black, on black. Keep in mind proportions, because you don't want to get lost in a black hole, and shading because black is not always black.

I just really dug this great blue hair and noticed she's wearing black and white! Well, you can do black and white with a pop of bright color: her red and blue.

Anne Hathaway in a spread for Vogue
-Nothing much to say except for black can be completely sophisticated and flattering.

Valentino's 2011 Pre-Fall collection
-I just really loved this sheer stuff. I think if anyone is going to pull sheer, pull it in black and maybe white... colors get kinda tacky.

Alexander Mcqueen
-Nothing to say but "sigh"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sisterhood of This Traveling Shirt.

So, for this occasion I recolored my hair pink. It now matches this shirt; very accomplished, eh?

Yoga Cardi: Gift. Jean vest: Thrifted. Love, Peace, and Rock and Roll. Sister's black skirt. Old Navy Ballet Flats.

Follow Me

My family gave me a New Year's resolution: Get 50 followers and 30(?) comments on your blog. Now this is something I can't control. I can try and market myself all I want but there is nothing else I can do, except ask you that if you see this then follow me :D. I will be tremendously pleased if you did :) My may goal is to have 30... Well, if you have a yahoo, g-mail, or ...something else account, then I advise you to follow me. The only catch is that nothing happens. You don't get e-mail updates or anything, it only lets me know what market I am dressing to. HA! That's funny. I think... Well, as Cap'n I command you to follow me.

Whatever, you can do whatever you want. Just follow me.

Harassing is not over, YOU will follow me, you get this far? you will follow.

Gosh, sorry for my obnoxiousness. Here's a spinny dance, for my skirt moves.

Button Sweater: Gift. Grey lace tank: Grandma. Army Green skirt: Thrifted. Boots: Ross.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I smell like chocolate haystacks

Once upon a glorious day, I ate a lot of chocolate. My brain was hungry, so I ate chocolate. The thing was I ate too much chocolate. It didn't cause me to have a sugar high, nor did it cause me to have pained teeth. It only made me feel like I ate too much chocolate. I got so desperate that I even opened one of those cookie dough packages; the ones where you add a tablespoon of water and a stick of butter. Well, I began just pouring it into my mouth. Oh what a sweet delight. Now, I emanate chocolate. Oh, and additionally, chocolate doesn't fill up your brain.

Taha! The next picture caused my photographer to declare herself a great picture-taker. This is funny because she's barely out of elementary.

Peacoat: Thrifted. Black velvet bodice: thrifted. Red shirt: (woah, too long to remember). Skirt: 2nd hand. Clogs: Thrifted.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who cares?

Once upon a time, I went thrifting for the first time in the year. We went to Consign Divine and found THIS ammmaaaaazing couch! I am pretty sure I'd be the coolest kid on the block with this couch!!

Plus I found THIS amazing shirt that I wanted to wear as a dress. The beading was just so grand and the shirt moved so well. I ended up not buying it though for I got a coat in replacement... I miss you so great shirt!!

Yes, I wore my tank top backwards. Well, it's 'cause I felt like it, okay? but I probably won't do it again. My family thought it was weird. I just liked the strange architecture at the neck. I supposed it could be better if the top was made to be worn with strange architecture in the front, instead of making it myself. Well, I enjoyed myself in it so :P *raspberry*

This bracelet my sis found on the ground. If it's yours, oops, I'll give it back because it's really awesome, but hey, you dropped it!
Blouse: 2nd hand. Tie-dye Tank: Old Navy. Shorts: Thrifted. Belt: Thrifted. Tights: Target. Faux Socks: Bottoms of child's leggings. Boots: Ross. Wooden Ring: Downtown Corvallis.


For the past 3 weeks I had the privilege of making dinner. I was able to buy whatever I wanted to at the grocery store without paying my money and make any type of vegetarian meal I wanted! Boy, did I have fun. I made 15 different dinners and a few desserts. I just would forget to take pictures. So, here is a little 'flavor' of what I had made.

Pumpkin pie, with really nasty crust. I used some old cookie crumbs in a can... they were old.

Layered crepes; I loved this so much, twas very good. yay me!! In all honesty I am positive I have become slightly more skilled in the kitchen. My mom used to make her own food and the rest of my family seemed to try and hide how much they didn't enjoy my meals. My parents now get home at 6 on the dot and my sisters get angry when they have to wait on my parents. Haha!

Spinach and mushroom layered with tomatoes and lentils separated by crepes.

This is my raspberry meringue. I don't have any idea how it was supposed to turn out, but I just followed the recipe almost exactly and got this. The cake layers were probably a bit too hard and too sweet. I would probably want to put less sugar in it, and bake it for even less time that I had. Otherwise... it was still yummilicious.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bleh. blehblehbleh.

Waaah, I miss my dinky camera. This one does just about the same job but mine had cool functions. bleh. I misplaced it one time and now have no idea where it is. Bleh bleh bleh.

Striped Blouse: 2ndhand. Blazer: Mother's. Tie: Church giveaway. Velvet Sweetheart top: Thrifted. Skirt: Target. Belts: (w) thrifted (p) i don't remember. Two-tone Heels: Thrifted.