Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, the pink didn't last forever. In fact, it only lasted for about 4 days. For future reference: Don't get Manic Panic unless you truly want temporary die. Well take into consideration that everyone has different hair types. For my friend who has blond hair the dye came out a smudge earlier.
During the time that my hair has not been pink I have not gotten dressed real cool. Therefore, I had nothing to blog about. Hence, there was a complete lack of posts. No fear, I will have posts through this week and through the rest of this new year!!

Hope all of you had a fantastic New Years celebration, and to misquote a man It's a fantastic party for a new year but many years from now you will look back and figure out that it was just another year. I kind of disagree because I think every year will shape you with it's memories but certainly you won't remember the date, but the memories. Make good memories this year!
Love you all, Soshsky.

This tremendously awesome drape thing was from the internet. Brand: Beyond Yoga. What makes it tremendously awesome: It can be worn in at least 4 different ways. I'll show them sometime...

I got this necklace for Christmas from my Grandmaaaa :D

I saw almost this exact belt at Urban this weekend. The difference was that that belt costed money while mine I got for free. Yay for free!
I just tied silky ribbon around rubber bands which held up these pant legs into capris.

Drape cardi: online. Bow belt: church giveaway. Shiny pants: thrifted. Tights: online. Flats: Target.

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