Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I smell like chocolate haystacks

Once upon a glorious day, I ate a lot of chocolate. My brain was hungry, so I ate chocolate. The thing was I ate too much chocolate. It didn't cause me to have a sugar high, nor did it cause me to have pained teeth. It only made me feel like I ate too much chocolate. I got so desperate that I even opened one of those cookie dough packages; the ones where you add a tablespoon of water and a stick of butter. Well, I began just pouring it into my mouth. Oh what a sweet delight. Now, I emanate chocolate. Oh, and additionally, chocolate doesn't fill up your brain.

Taha! The next picture caused my photographer to declare herself a great picture-taker. This is funny because she's barely out of elementary.

Peacoat: Thrifted. Black velvet bodice: thrifted. Red shirt: (woah, too long to remember). Skirt: 2nd hand. Clogs: Thrifted.

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