Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello? Is anybody there?

Good evening. It has not quite yet been a full year since I last made a blog post. I don't know what made me stop... oh yeah, life. Well, I don't want to only have life as my own, but to share it! I don't really know what blogs are for other than that. I was trying to restrict myself to only post fashion things, outfits, but I love more than that and want to open my blog into experiences and beautiful moments. I will always have a stylistic perspective but I need this to be bigger. I am a dreamer and need to focus on my dreams because I just graduated college and my next step is becoming less and less known.

I am going to be student teaching in a middle school for a little while and working a retail job. I want to learn all that I can about people and their wants and needs to become my future self who might want to open a shop, or coach a team, or teach students, or pick up trash, or all three! I will be sharing beautiful life moments because one of my most favorite things is noticing those and making connections from those to others. Because that barely even makes sense in my head, which means it looks like a tangle to you, I will say that I want to share beautiful things with hopes that it brings someone else a little light. I just hope I don't show too many pictures of cute baby animals...


Monday, December 16, 2013

NastyGal clearance mark-down!

Remember that note I put out yesterday? I told you not to buy online? I found an exception. NastyGal is having an extra 50% off of their clearance and if you order today you can get standard shipping, but they also have 2-day and overnight shipping available. I don't know how long they are having this sale, but I suggest you take advantage of it!

All of the prices are as marked. They have a bunch of accessories. I thought this belt was really cool:
Slatted Gold Belt
They have a bunch of crop tops to choose from. I thought this one was neat, especially the back
Caged Up Bustier

I found this snake print bomber jacket which I thought was rad.

Nasty Gal Python Bomber Jacket
Plus, they have a lot of dresses for sale that can be used for New Years! This one was really cute.
Countdown Dress

This really isn't for the site. I just thought it would be helpful to find some really hip clothes for a pretty good price. So, since they have this great sale.... Shop away, my little procrastinators! Or self splurgers! Be good to yourself.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


It's about time. I have actually died. Just kidding. I have not been here for a while. The deprivation of not only my postings but the not keeping on all things fashion has made me die a little. I even went on a 2 month shopping hiatus. It was weird. I am sorry to myself, to my friends and family, and to any weirdos on my blog. 

As it is obviously close to Christmas and New Year's it is probably a better time to think of the future than to dwell on my non-doings. My advise to people doesn't come often, but if I think of something to tell people it is generally quite meaningful. So, to enlighten a few here is a list of things to do (I love lists):

1) Don't get Christmas presents online from here on out or you will have the chance of not getting them on time. Etsy has things coming in internationally and it might take longer than you thought.
2) Wear a coat; it is cold outside. Just keeping it simple.
3) Don't let snow and ice from keeping you from wearing difficult shoes; it is still possible to walk. If you are worried about twisting an ankle, don't do it.
4) The holidays are here, so don't forget to exercise because there will be a lot of goodies and it's easy to feel guilty. Don't feel guilty in the holiday season. I am going to do an ab workout tomorrow!
5) Spend time with people you kind of miss. Or things you haven't done in a while. I played the piano today and it was funny how my fingers just sort of remembered what it was like.
6) (not really a number to stop at, but I don't want to overwhelm with a long list of commands) Sing and dance. Dance around the Christmas tree and sing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs and annoy everyone around you. I swear it's a good idea. Force that Xmas spirit!

~Be your best

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moss Covered Referee

Hello world! I have missed you for I have not posted for a drearily long time. I had such a crazy end of junior year from attempting a good grade in Organic chem, being able to graduate in 4 years, and deciding what to do in life. The last matter has still yet to be determined as it hopefully will not ever be answered. As it is summer now, I hope to drown any "readers" with posts whether about current fashionable topics or old outfits or just art that I find lovely.

One thing that I had to maintain in the past school year was to get dressed for the day. I hope I was togged to the bricks because that was the only thing I felt that I was successful in doing for the day. This outfit post was from April and I am wearing a moss green sweater over a neon tank and striped knit skirt. Bright colors are more present in my daily outfits as it is getting more closer to summer. I like the challenge of making neon classy. Bright colors catch people's eyes, but you don't want them to think "Woah, that is a bright top." It is better to make them think how interesting the ensemble is together; to distract the eye. The elephant looks pretty good in the room, it seems to belong there.

Sweater: JCpenney. Tank: Walmart. Skirt: F21. Heels: Target.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Splurge? My specialty

It's springtime folks. Wherever you are it's time to celebrate color and skin! This is definitely one of the best times to dress, in my opinion. I love baring skin because I like feeling the elements and getting that much missed sun, but there is still the opportunity of layers. Where I am enjoying my spring it is a bit too cold to go full monty, not that I was planning on baring all. So, I can layer on top and take my most self-conscious, but favorite body part out for a spin. I love showing off my legs, but I have to be careful with my proportions because I have ultra shorty short legs, which gives me more of a reason to wear ultra shorty short shorts! If you're looking to splurge, as my title eludes, I recommend showing leg. No one can really resist a good leg. How? Whip out your heels and start unpacking your summer gear. OR go shopping for new kicks and mini dresses. White shoes are really hot and emulate springtime, plus neon gets the point across.

Here are some pictures for inspiration!! (photo cred:

Happy springtime,

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Neon grunge

 Happy first day of spring! In Idaho, when spring comes, so does a whole lot of freak weather so today we got sun, clear sky, grey sky, rain, hail, and what felt like 30mph wind. Maybe my outfit sort of reflects the kind of day that was here. I have on a grungy skirt but my shirt and jacket are bright and colorful. In some way they put themselves together as a grubby colored skirt hooking arms with bright neon. Plus a zap of my fading pink hair!!

Yellow jacket: 2ndhand. Coral shirt: borrowed. Grey belt: 2ndhand. Pleated skirt: thrifted. Leather Mary Janes: thrifted.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fuzzy Plastic Tigers

 Wore this on a day that didn't require boots to walk to class. Got this vest at Forever 21 on their black friday sale which puts their clearance half-off. Mostly it's real soft which is to my very liking. Softness has such a lavish look to it but can be dangerous because it loses figure. Wear the magic slimming color of black or just pair with tight jeans or tights with a short skirt.

Vest: F21. Dress: 2ndhand. Strappy heels: garage sale. Scarf: 2ndhand.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Slouchin' n' Splatter

 I look super bored in these pictures. Good thing I am not going to become a model in my future career. I just like putting clothes on and as long as you can see my clothes and I'm not blurry, it doesn't matter that my camera was set up on a stool that was 6 feet away pointing at me squatting in a hallway.

Vest: 2nd hand. Kimono style shirt: Old Navy. Splatter plants: garage sale. Boots: JCPenney.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Emma Mulholland

 I found this designer, Emma Mulholland, in this app I installed called trendstop which I love, except for I have to pay to be able to get close ups on the pictures and I also can't see some of the trends and articles. ANYWAYS, I really liked this designer and decided to look her up. I loved this holographic look that she has with her designs, as if her models were wearing mirrors and were standing in a room of white light.

 Some of her things were dark like the casual get-up below, but she always managed to brighten it up with neon alien heads and of course the gold flatforms.
 Her prints also reflect tribal print like in the zig-zag pattern on this skirt. Her other pieces have more tribal influence in the print.
 This spring, I think that these bright colors and graphic print will be popular. Snag something metallic off the shelf quick.
Hope I brightened up your day!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ref skirt

 At the basketball game, I decided to cheer for the ref. He won. Just to clear one thing up, I didn't wear this to the bball game. I wore jeans and a college shirt. What jeans? Yup, but I always feel weird in jeans. I feel short... which is hard to avoid.

Dress (tucked into skirt): thrifted. Skirt: F21. Grey Tights: Target. Boots: UO.

Two skirts

 Put on white and black because it's contrast is the only thing you can count on.

White shirt: Roommate's. Tiered skirt worn as top: ross. Leather skirt: 2ndhand. Boots: Ross

Friday, December 21, 2012

Snicket Snake

 WARNING: This post is very tangential. Here is my map of tangents, so that I don't have to explain it long-hand: I like snake-print, I don't like snakes, snake sounds like snicket, snicket- lemoney snicket, is a dude, his name isn't "Lemoney" it's John, that's boring, I see why he'd change it, Gaga says that she changes the way she views her past to make it seem beautiful, maybe people would be happier if they just changed how they see events?

So, there are a zillion ways to approach the same situation and each person has a different way. To see the beauty of it all, an open mind is needed and a desire to understand. While this is so vague, I hope it helps someone today or whenever this is read to maybe reveal a certain situation. (?)

Snakeprint sweater: thrifted. Linen skirt: 2ndhand. Socks: cut-off old footed tights. Stiletto boots: JCpenny.

Here's to love and thought!