Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Splurge? My specialty

It's springtime folks. Wherever you are it's time to celebrate color and skin! This is definitely one of the best times to dress, in my opinion. I love baring skin because I like feeling the elements and getting that much missed sun, but there is still the opportunity of layers. Where I am enjoying my spring it is a bit too cold to go full monty, not that I was planning on baring all. So, I can layer on top and take my most self-conscious, but favorite body part out for a spin. I love showing off my legs, but I have to be careful with my proportions because I have ultra shorty short legs, which gives me more of a reason to wear ultra shorty short shorts! If you're looking to splurge, as my title eludes, I recommend showing leg. No one can really resist a good leg. How? Whip out your heels and start unpacking your summer gear. OR go shopping for new kicks and mini dresses. White shoes are really hot and emulate springtime, plus neon gets the point across.

Here are some pictures for inspiration!! (photo cred:

Happy springtime,

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