Friday, September 16, 2011

Captain, whose your grandma?

This is a granny-pirate look. I think I like the combination for it puts a splendid picture in my head... toothless old lady with frizzy hair all over and a hook for her left hand, with her patch over her right eye she is standing on... the Black Pearl!! haha!! enjoy that picture I just put in your head for the rest of the week... :D

Sweater: thrifted. Striped sweater: thrifted. Leather skirt: 2ndhand. (it's actually from my gramma!) Belt: thrifted. Shoes: Target.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So, I just read this article on yahoo, which I might add is an especially difficult to get away distraction, that was about things NOT to buy at Old Navy. They said outerwear and shoes because they aren't quality made. The outerwear won't keep you warm and the shoes are non breathable. Well, I didn't know that before I bought these shoes and now I have them and... well I didn't really notice the non-breathability. It was fine to me. I must just be overwhelmed with love for them that I don't notice. The other explanation is that all of my shoes are all so cheaply made that I can't tell the difference between breathable versus non-breathable shoes. Oh well.

Hat: grandpa's. Dress (tucked into shorts): mothers. Belt: 2ndhand. Shorts: thrifted. Shoes: OldNavy.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take it and run

In a world so quick I end up moving at too slow a pace and then having to blast away; one extreme to another. Sometimes it's good to step away and look at things in a different perspective to get a good idea of what it really is. This goes for life and it goes for outfits. People are not going to only see your front side. That's what I got from my first art class ever today.

White knit: thrifted. Black lace blouse: 2ndhand. Wooden necklace: Claire's. Black pleated high-waisted pants: thrifted. Socks: Marshalls. Sparkle flats: Rave.