Monday, April 25, 2011

Big feet let you swim fast; small feet get you small shoes.

I promise you that eating too much sugar will hurt your mouth. I have yet to figure out how, but it will and it is probably also not a good idea because if you don't burn the sugar it turns to fat and then the smallest high-waisted belt won't fit like it used to...

This outfit is a smudgen not spring-y.

Turtleneck: mothers. Cardigan: thrifted. Scarf: garage sale. Skirt: 2nd hand. Tights: Target. Flats: Target.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There was a rainbow dragon in my yard

I found these pictures on Yahoo and I had to share them as inspiration. They are a bunch of really expensive mansions in the Unites States. I really like going to empty places and making up stories of what happened there. For example, when I went to Canada we went hiking and I imagined that the Loch Ness monster was in the lake we got to. I made up a really silly story of how difficult it was to lower the monster from the helicopter. Another time, we were in a ballroom in the hotel and it was really fancy and I imagined old fancily dressed people dancing but then a murder happened and so on and so forth.

I would just love going to these places and start conjuring some stories. Of course we would be dressed up and I would take blog pictures to show you... IF I go to any of these places... hmm maybe I'll put one on my bucket list... looks like I am going to Lancaster someday!!

Mudhouse Mansion: Lancaster, Ohio
Lynnewood Hall: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Kimball Castle: Gilford, New Hampshire
This one was the most affordable at $880,000; money I could put to so many other places for much better uses. But, it doesn't change how beautiful that place looks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That furnace is hot.

I have always had huge problems with this tank. I love the pattern and the colors and the lace, but I have such a hard time wearing it. It has this great bow I want to show but I never want to wear the tank in the summer where I don't have to layer it and not show the bow. It's just really difficult. I don't think I have worn it how it is supposed to be worn: by itself. It's just too simple then. Ah, well, I think I just need to not worry about always highlighting the best part of a piece. Sometimes, that can be hidden for another occasion where it can go BAM!

Blazer: Mother's. Tank: Marshalls. Skirt: DIY. Boots: Ross.

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's fuzzy. It's silky.

So... I am really backed up. These following pictures were actually on April 3rd and it's 15 days later. I just make sure I have the pictures and then post them when I conjure up some time.

So, I really hate plaid. I hate how people wear flannel as something easy to wear. Then I found this shirt of my fathers and really liked it. I have had many outfits with it. I bring it to track meets to still look fancy at a sporty event. To sum everything up I am an official hypocrite. I just hope I wear flannel in a unique way, not just an easy throw on; although everyone needs one of those items for when imagination has been combed out of your head.

Flannel: Dad's. Skirt: Thrifted. Tank: 2ndhand. Vest: just really old. Shoes: Old Navy. Belt: Bass.


So, for my new years resolution, I bought myself 2 pairs of sunglasses. After 3 months of following through, I get to have them and wear them. Well, here they are. They are called the Blaster. So, I go around telling people I am wearing my blaster sunglasses. Which is fitting because my resolution is a lot of stuff but mostly push-ups everyday. Now, I am getting pretty buff and soon I will blast something with my super arms. :D

Oh, no! I didn't realized my room was this incredibly messy. Ah well it does this... on most occasions.

Purple Blouse: 2ndhand. Skirt: OldNavy. Shoes: Rave. Sunglasses: 80's Purple. Necklace: Target.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Enuff shtuff to fill a fricken' Bus

There is no greater feeling that feeling like you have complete control on everything. This doesn't happen to anyone, but we all feel little glimpses of it when we accomplish goals.

Coat: Renewed Expressions. Necklace: Claire's. Belt: thrifted. Jean Vest: thrifted. Skirt: thrifted. Tights: target. Heels: thrifted.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Polka till you Rot

GoOd DaY Folk-y folks. Okee Dokee Doke's. So, I've been waiting for an inspiration for these polka dotty socky socks. My sis got them and I was like "ooh, mee likey" it took me a good month to figure out how to wear them. But, here they are!!! Yay fancy polka dots!!

Flower: Claire's. Checked blazer: From Japanese grandma. Crocheted blouse: 2ndhand. Jeans: 2ndhand. Socks: online. Heels: thrifted.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soap and Water

Prevents those bugs, soap and water,
Let's you keep being your life's potter.

Jacket: OldNavy. shirt: 2ndhand. Tank: OldNavy. Scarf: 2ndhand. Pants: thrifted. Belt: thrifted. Boots: target.