Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dolce & Gabbana: $239.
They remind me of a sparkly red orange pair I had as a young kid.
A hideous pair from Wal-Mart
"Save Money?! (my butt!) Live, ugly"
Who would seriously pay $65 for this tremendously ugly thing?

There's a new thing going on and it's about clogs. There are so many bloggers with mixed feelings about them. Most swearing they would never wear them, but now they are changing their minds. I really don't want to be on the clog boat they are on.

I think that clogs are an awful, never-should-be-in, hideous pair of shoes that do anything but flatter feet. Feet aren't that beautiful already and stuffing them in a chunky un-comfortable looking shoe would make the Fashion Police from videojug.com have to come after you.

I will only go back on my words of dislike only for one pair of shoes that was called a clog but resembled more of a boot with no back.

This one is not the one I saw but is really similar. It's by Steve Madden and costs $90.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My back-in-the-day thrift find.


This was such a warm sweater. It wasn't nice weather this morning... at least not for shorts but I pretended I was not cold because the people kept looking at me funny. I am pretending that it was because I looked way cooler than they in my large shclumpy sweater.

I was real scared too that I was violating the dress code... but no one stopped me.

I also felt really "back in the day." In the 80's or maybe even 90's. I kept thinking of orange shag carpet and pink bathtubs. Oh! and there is this safety video students in a science lab class are required to watch. It's the one with the fake hand that stabs itself and the kid who stares at the boy who has to use the safety shower. Well, in Chemistry class I felt like I was the kid who knocks stuff over with their baggy sleeves. I was completely violating the 'dress code in labs'."oh, deer my other short leg."
In a bummer-like way my tights are not able to be worn again. They have a run from the top of my leg now almost to my ankle... [Sky: "in need of a tight/pantyhose/stocking shopping"]

Sweater: Thrifted. Belt: Thrifted. Shorts: Thrifted. Gray tights: mother. Silver flats: Oldnavy.

21 February 2010

I tied the shirt bow in the front and like how large the bow is that way. I guess that is one way to change up a boring out-of-style shirt. I believe that babydolls are not "in" anymore but I love the print and the bow on this shirt. So I covered most of it up and emphasized the bow.

Gray blazer: Thrifted. Flower babydoll: Marshals. Wool skirt: Grandma Nancy. Gray tights: mother. My fav. shoes that I wear all too much: Thrifted.

19 February 2010

I don't think my boots matched the rest of me. I was thinking of that when walking to school. I felt real lame but I was warm, because boots make you warm in the cold.

Stripedy shirt: Thrifted and touched up by moi. Black sparkly cardi: ross. Black jacket: thrifted. Black jean shorts: thrifted. Black tights. Brown Fuzzy boots: JCPenny.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 3-- RIP in my dandy-man outfit.

Today at school, it was professional dress day. I decided to dress like a professional man and my brain baby was this outfit.

Black Blazer: Thrifted. Collared Shirt: Goodwill. Daisy Tie: Church giveaway. Grey belt: Thrifted yesterday. Couger belt (unseen): given to my by Coach when he visited India, being the team captain, I got it! :D. Black slacks: Thrifted. Fishnets: Mother's. Wingtip Oxfords: Thrifted.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 2--RIP McQueen

Lilac forgot to wear black but had on a black coat (F21) so we took pictures. We walked to school for our "transfer buses" and left with enough time to take pics at school. I love walking with Lilac, she makes things so much less lame and boring.

Black Cardi: Thrifted. Black vest: Thrifted. Zebra print tube-top: OldNavy. Blue jeans: Ross. Sparkly pointy flats: Rave.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alexander McQueen

I feel absolutely rotten that I didn't know McQueen died, until three days after his death. Even my dad knew that he had died, and my dad doesn't care about anything like that. McQueen is an absolutely amazing designer and his death is such a great loss. His designs were so exquisite and unique and crisp.

A week or so ago, I bookmarked McQueen's archive for his 2010 collection and fell in love with his work. Now, all I will forever be able to find are his previous collections. My tribute will come soon, but for now, I have four more days of mourning. That sounds super silly, but I have not been obsessed enough for anything that I will wear black for. I saw it in the movie "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" and have forever since wanted to have a purpose to wear black. Now, I've got a chance, so no makin' fun...

January 31st.

This day was January 31, but I had lost my camera memory card and only now have the chance to post pictures.
Jean Jacket: Mother's closet. Velvet dress: Thrifted. maroon belt: (see belt story blog). Sparkle leggings: My BFF amy. Black slouch boots: Shopko.

Pink day

Brown Blazer: Old Navy. Gray Tank: Japan. Collared bib: Church Giveaway. Tie: Church Giveaway. Pink Knit Skirt: Grandma Nancy (re-done [hemmed] by me). Pink belt: Church Giveaway. Gray tights. Beige pumps: Thrifted.

It's Valentine's Day which this year is like every other Valentine's day I have had; give out little V-day cards, get candy, and wear red or pink. No 'real' valentine.
Well, Valentine's Day is about the cards anyways so I guess I celebrated right after all.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's!!