Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dolce & Gabbana: $239.
They remind me of a sparkly red orange pair I had as a young kid.
A hideous pair from Wal-Mart
"Save Money?! (my butt!) Live, ugly"
Who would seriously pay $65 for this tremendously ugly thing?

There's a new thing going on and it's about clogs. There are so many bloggers with mixed feelings about them. Most swearing they would never wear them, but now they are changing their minds. I really don't want to be on the clog boat they are on.

I think that clogs are an awful, never-should-be-in, hideous pair of shoes that do anything but flatter feet. Feet aren't that beautiful already and stuffing them in a chunky un-comfortable looking shoe would make the Fashion Police from videojug.com have to come after you.

I will only go back on my words of dislike only for one pair of shoes that was called a clog but resembled more of a boot with no back.

This one is not the one I saw but is really similar. It's by Steve Madden and costs $90.

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