Monday, February 22, 2010

My back-in-the-day thrift find.


This was such a warm sweater. It wasn't nice weather this morning... at least not for shorts but I pretended I was not cold because the people kept looking at me funny. I am pretending that it was because I looked way cooler than they in my large shclumpy sweater.

I was real scared too that I was violating the dress code... but no one stopped me.

I also felt really "back in the day." In the 80's or maybe even 90's. I kept thinking of orange shag carpet and pink bathtubs. Oh! and there is this safety video students in a science lab class are required to watch. It's the one with the fake hand that stabs itself and the kid who stares at the boy who has to use the safety shower. Well, in Chemistry class I felt like I was the kid who knocks stuff over with their baggy sleeves. I was completely violating the 'dress code in labs'."oh, deer my other short leg."
In a bummer-like way my tights are not able to be worn again. They have a run from the top of my leg now almost to my ankle... [Sky: "in need of a tight/pantyhose/stocking shopping"]

Sweater: Thrifted. Belt: Thrifted. Shorts: Thrifted. Gray tights: mother. Silver flats: Oldnavy.

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