Friday, April 27, 2012

Plans in the Country

Denim Vest: 2ndhand. Sweater: 2ndhand. Skirt: 2ndhand. Socks: online. Flats: Target.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why so grey?

Wore too much black for being such a lovely day... I think I like wearing shades too much. Plus it's spring! Time to break out color!! er.. almost spring.

Flower shirt: thrifted. Skirt: 2ndhand. Boots: UO. Black Cape: Marshals.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Its upon this day (not today... this is like over 1 month ago) I wore a sticker with my outfit. I planned this accordingly to my receiving of the "I Voted" sticker the previous night. I am a real adult now!

Striped collared shirt: thrifted. Blue camisole: Anchor Blue. Striped belt: thrifted. Skirt: 2ndhand. Boots: Ross

Chestnuts Wrapped in Blankets by the Fire

Necklace: gift from Europe. Cardigan: Burlington. Paisley shirt: 2ndhand. Dress: Rave. Socks: online. Boots: gift.

Queen of Bluish Tone of Light Green in 1573

Turquoise dress: garage sale. Maxi Skirt: Old Navy. Socks: Marshals. Flats: Rave.

Shine on Royal Sir

Pearl Necklace: garage sale. Blazer: 2ndhand. Vest: thrifted. Dress: 2ndhand. Patterned tights: UO. Pointed-toe flats: Rave.

Puppets Have More Strings

A windy day calls for loose layers for a dramatic walk across the road... park... campus.

Scarves: momma made. Dress: 2ndhand. Belt: Mervins. Cardigan: Beyond Yoga. Military Boots: Ross.

Dangers of Cholotism

This was taken after V-day... Because my roomie got some chocolate, she shared with me (who had none). Needless to say, we felt awful after 2 days of chocolate.

Necklaces: garage sale. Blouse: 2ndhand. Lace Camisole: Renewed Expressions. Shorts: 2ndhand. Tights: old ripped ones. Boots: Target.

Calling Spring

Dress: friend's. Cardigan: beyond yoga. Belt: 2ndhand. Scarf: target. Tights: thrifted. Flats: 2ndhand.