Sunday, November 27, 2011


Two days ago was Black Friday. I love Thanksgiving because it is in anticipation of a grand day of shopping. Anticipation is one of my favorite feelings because of the excitement bubbles in my tummy. That's also why I love Christmas Eve because of the anticipation for Christmas day, but we're not going there today. For the very first time in my life, I ended up going Black Friday shopping on my own. I wanted to go to Urban Outfitters because of their 'half-off sale items' sale. Then I met up with the rest of my shopping family (mom and middle sis) at the thrift store. Only in my family will you know about the thrift store's Black Friday sale. Between 9:30 and 10:30 they had all of the items in the thrift store half-off. In the brilliantness of this, I ended up only buying one thing... this skirt. I am now in full regret of not buying more stuff, I mean it is the BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY IN THE USA! There were shoes I wanted to get, a shirt I liked, and so much more things to look at. I was just too excited. I had gotten the most fabulous shoes I now own at UO. These shoes are what I am now calling Platform-Chelsea-Boots. The great boots I am mentioning are the ones that are appearing alongside of my thrifted skirt and new UO tights in the below photos.

Blouse: 2nd hand. Skirt: thrifted. Belt: sash from dress. Tights: urban outfitters. Boots: urban outfitters.


May it be as warm as it looks in my photos from over a month ago...

Tank: Anchor Blue. Skirt: Mother's. Wedges: Old Navy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crab chills

Once upon a time, I went to Joe's Crab Shack. It was the very first time I have been and, well, it was interesting. I, of course, didn't eat crab because I don't eat meat. So I asked for a dish minus the meat. The dish was, eh, okay, but the worst part was that I had to pay the full price for the majorly pricey dish. I DIDN'T eat the shrimp and sausage and whatever other meaty substance they left out so I feel like I SHOULDN'T have to pay that disgustingly overpriced cost. The other side of the experience was that the opposite side of my table was eating all this crunchy crab. I thought I would be okay with it that they were eating things they enjoyed, but it made me feel ew. The crunch of the breaking shell and the scraping out of the meat. It still puts a gross look on my face and sends chills down my spine. Honestly, I thought I could handle it. I don't mind people eating meat, it's what they like to do, but now I guess it's gross.

Vest: thrifted. Dress (resown a large shirt): thrifted. Skirt (resown a dress): thrifted. Scarf (just cut-up fabric): Sister's. Shoes: Target.

Are you your reflection?

I am much sorry for the angry looks on my face. I don't really know why I constantly look so mad in these pictures. Truly, I say to you that I am a happy person, in fact I see a lot more happiness in life than most... I think. So, I guess, just pretend I am angry and think that in fact I am actually faking this angryness.

Blouse: 2nd hand. Dress: thrifted. Belt: Bass. Sandals: thrifted.

Fly with another's wings.

New advise for dressing: be open to opening other's closets. I've got this lovely friend who dresses rather well. I don't think we have the exact same taste for clothes, but I did find this beautiful cropped thing with these awesome sleeves in her closet. I wore it. She would never wear it in the same fashion I did, but it's still the same piece of clothing. Oh and that great splatter glass necklace that you can barely see? It's from Europe. These two wonderful friends brought it back for me.

Top: maddy's closet. Tank: Renewed Expressions. Shorts: thrifted. Belt: 2ndhand. Flats: Old Navy.

Triumphant Elephant

I was recently, not in this outfit because it is a month old, introduced to Planet Earth. It's a multiple disc documentary showing footage of the changing of the Earth. I loved it because I am a biology major, and an art major. There was great cinematography and editing that made it such a beautiful piece of art along with informational. It's inspirational and maybe I'll get some outfit ideas from it.

Blouse: thrifted. Jean vest: thrifted. Tank: Old Navy. Jean Shorts: self-cut post thrifting. Boots: Ross.

Frozen Peach

Frozen peaches are a really dumb idea. My mom froze a bunch of peaches because she thought that when it was winter then you could unfreeze them and make stuff with fresh-ish peaches. Well, if you try and unfreeze that peach, it is just mushy and slimy. It tastes fine, just a really weird consistency. (Note: This information is random and may be useful in life, I sincerely hope you use it in future instances.)

Dress: thrifted. Necklace: gift. Shoes: thrifted.


I have been stupendously behind on posting up my outfit pictures so this was taken in September but I am posting it in November. I was apparently tremendously tan in September and now I am feeling mighty much whiter.

Dress: thrifted. Necklace: claire's. Belt: bass. Shoes: Old Navy.