Sunday, November 27, 2011


Two days ago was Black Friday. I love Thanksgiving because it is in anticipation of a grand day of shopping. Anticipation is one of my favorite feelings because of the excitement bubbles in my tummy. That's also why I love Christmas Eve because of the anticipation for Christmas day, but we're not going there today. For the very first time in my life, I ended up going Black Friday shopping on my own. I wanted to go to Urban Outfitters because of their 'half-off sale items' sale. Then I met up with the rest of my shopping family (mom and middle sis) at the thrift store. Only in my family will you know about the thrift store's Black Friday sale. Between 9:30 and 10:30 they had all of the items in the thrift store half-off. In the brilliantness of this, I ended up only buying one thing... this skirt. I am now in full regret of not buying more stuff, I mean it is the BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY IN THE USA! There were shoes I wanted to get, a shirt I liked, and so much more things to look at. I was just too excited. I had gotten the most fabulous shoes I now own at UO. These shoes are what I am now calling Platform-Chelsea-Boots. The great boots I am mentioning are the ones that are appearing alongside of my thrifted skirt and new UO tights in the below photos.

Blouse: 2nd hand. Skirt: thrifted. Belt: sash from dress. Tights: urban outfitters. Boots: urban outfitters.

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