Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moss Covered Referee

Hello world! I have missed you for I have not posted for a drearily long time. I had such a crazy end of junior year from attempting a good grade in Organic chem, being able to graduate in 4 years, and deciding what to do in life. The last matter has still yet to be determined as it hopefully will not ever be answered. As it is summer now, I hope to drown any "readers" with posts whether about current fashionable topics or old outfits or just art that I find lovely.

One thing that I had to maintain in the past school year was to get dressed for the day. I hope I was togged to the bricks because that was the only thing I felt that I was successful in doing for the day. This outfit post was from April and I am wearing a moss green sweater over a neon tank and striped knit skirt. Bright colors are more present in my daily outfits as it is getting more closer to summer. I like the challenge of making neon classy. Bright colors catch people's eyes, but you don't want them to think "Woah, that is a bright top." It is better to make them think how interesting the ensemble is together; to distract the eye. The elephant looks pretty good in the room, it seems to belong there.

Sweater: JCpenney. Tank: Walmart. Skirt: F21. Heels: Target.