Sunday, August 14, 2011


I for surely want to go to Germany when I am money rich; particularly Frankfort. If I go to Germany I am going to have to know some German. To begin my learning process, I am watching silly youtube videos about this guy Sam who comes to live in Germany. I don't understand anything except 'was' and 'wie' whic is what and how and the things everyone seems to know like 'hallo' and 'gutendaag.' So, I am learning-ish and it probably won't come in handy for a good 6 years... but I need to get a jump on it while I'm... young?

Dress: thrifted. Skirt: Target. Belt: Secondhand. Shoes: Target.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harry Potter inspireeddd.

These pictures were taken two days after Harry Potter part 2 came out, thus Harry inspired. I suppose that discounts the chopstick. I am, to mine and all others discontent, not a wizard therefore I have no wand. In any event one needs a wand, a chopstick will do just fine.

This following 'A' stands for 'Awesome Albus'!
Blouse: 2ndhand. Top: Old Navy. Belt: thrifted. Skirt: Target. Oxfords: thrifted.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink Genie Pants

So, my grandma had sent us this really fantastic outfit that no one in their right mind would wear together. It was these pink genie pants and a beaded top that had a long split tail in the back. The top is quite pretty with all the beading but it doesn't quite fit correctly and gives really sad chestage to the wearer. So, my sis sort of challenged me to use the pants in an outfit and here it is! I like it a lot but I definitely got some funny looks. :D

Blaster Sunglasses: 80's purple. Blouse: 2ndhand. Dress: thrifted. Vest: 2ndhand. Belt: 2ndhand. Pants: 2nd hand. Shoes: thrifted.