Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broadway shows and Hollywood

Most of the pictures from these shows were set in the 60's or around that decade. They're from a book by Darcie Denkert called "A Fine Romance"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Button up

I forgot to button up my shirt before these pictures were taken... But just imagine I suppose. I think the shirt is from Spain or something. On the tag it says camisa :)

Camisa: Nancy. Blue Shorts: Thrifted.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Chloe's Spring 2010
The first third of Chloe's 2010 line was of loose button ups. They flowed beautifully when walking down the runway and were matched with long flowy skirts and dress pants. They were either tucked in at the hips or loose with tight shorts. Check out the line by clicking on the link above.

Jak and Jil
The girl on the left is wearing the button up buttoned up to her neck. It gives that polished look. She has on high waisted shorts with a crisp straight hem just under her blazer.
Style Sightings
This girl's button up has a nice contrast;butttoned up all the way but let loose at the hips. Polished and casual. There's also a nice contrast with the blue and the crisp black of her pants.
Contrast with the buttoned up shirt and the rolled up sleeves. Opposite shades with the black and white. You can't add much the this look or it will be too much. It has this simple polished look that doesn't need much accessorizing. She has on some light silver jewelry that gives it a right touch.
June Paski
June is the same as the girl above with the black and white contrast and the little touches. Her ribbon necklace is a nice contrast to her shirt and her beaded clutch gives her look the right amount of accessory.
Urban Outfitters
I love how this shirt is sheer. It's simple but the color and texture is so eye-catching. Again paired with the black straight hem shorts that peek out just under the shirt.
Pretty menswear.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

with a good stomach...

If you've got a real nice tum-tum... show it off! Add a crop top with some high-waisted jean shorts and you've got a cool summer outfit with an 80's vibe.. Wow. that sounds real cheezy.

Two years ago, at the Nike Regionals for the Northwest, Nike was selling what looked like running tee shirts with the bottom cut off. Guys were wearing them all over the meet and I was thinking how goofy they looked, showing off their fantastic abs. But, now looking back on it. I guess they looked pretty cool. Just it wasn't hot for long... Running apparal-wise. Now they're a hot thing for summer.

From Mod Cloth 27.99
Worn by Krystal Simpson
The high waist of her pants shows off the waist but also shows off her belt
and has a nice loose top... [crop tops. not just for summer]
From American Apparel 22.00.
Worn by StylishWanderer Note the bright colored highwaisted jean shorts.

They're cool, breezy, and stylish... and I suppose they are real easy to make by one's self. Just take a loose tank top or tee-shirt and cut off the bottom half. It can be hemmed or left with unfinished edges... I'm gonna find myself a striped top.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Army style. Menswear with 'Rosie the Riveter' kick.

How to pull this look: Wear khakis, olive green, blazers, collars, or brown. Add something soft like a skirt or the color white. You can top it off with some strappy heels or slouchy boots. OR you can wear some man-shoes.
Her coat and boots are the army stuff and her skirt is the softness.

Her brown colored coat is the army and her crisp black romper is the softness.
Her shorts and the color of her wedges are the army and the style of her shoes and her white tank top is the softness.
I hope by now you can figure it out brown, white, blazer, and dark heels.

UO has got a whole line of the here.

The style was originally introduced over a year ago, the fall of '09, but I suppose it'll stick around a while longer.

I used this as inspiration to what I wore to the Laugheed house in Calgary, Canada.

Navy blazer: from a friend. Flower dress: fixed up from my mama's closet. "socks": upside down leggings from when I was a wee thing. Black slouchy boots: Shopko. Bag: The Pixies 2003 (my dad got it for me as a souvenir)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pleats and long shorts.

These pictures of these women are the epitome of my dream summer. So relaxed and cool. The shorts are long and so they don't have that trashy 'short shorts' vibe to them. The earthy tones make the look more casual and approachable.

Here's my way of the similar look:

(it was supremely windy and I was wearing shorts under
shorts...PLUS i was looking into the sun, not fun)

Fourth of July

(my kitters)
Yesterday (Saturday) I went to Renewed Expression's Annual garage sale. They get rid of their inventory for ... really inexpensive. From 8-11 everything was $2 and after 11am, everything was $1. They said that the did this last year, but I must have missed it. They're definitely doing it again next year. So if you're around the Boise area in the end of June and beginning of July, comment me and I'll tell you when to go. It is something not worth missing.

Cardi: thrifted. Camisole: Renewed Expressions. Softball belt: Garage sale. Old Navy Skirt: Old Navy. Red Wingtip Shoes: Church giveaway. Red Necklace: Garage Sale. Pearly Necklace: Boutique in Texas. Interchangeable Watch: Graduation Gift. Gold Leaf Ring: Renewed Expressions.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anna Sui

Anna Sui's spring line I just looked at and I really like it. It looks like something you can find in any store, but it has this 60's twist that I love. My three favorite decades are the 30's 40's and 60's. The thirties are really innovative, the 40's has a fun mix and matchy style and the 60's are just a fun pattern-y style.

I love pattern on pattern that works. I love the warm pallet of this outfit.
This dress just has the fun mod and print of the 60's. I can see her walking around her house on orange shag carpet.
This suit set I love probably again for the pattern. But, the cut is also real fun... and the neckline.
I really love the collar and the drop waist of this dress. The dress is just so playful. I love it.
This ensemble is so fun because of the pattern on pattern thing again. It's loud but the blues calm it down.
I also love these short ties. They're "men's-wear" with a playfulness..

After I find an orange-red shag carpet I'll find me some fun loud prints thrifting.