Thursday, July 8, 2010

with a good stomach...

If you've got a real nice tum-tum... show it off! Add a crop top with some high-waisted jean shorts and you've got a cool summer outfit with an 80's vibe.. Wow. that sounds real cheezy.

Two years ago, at the Nike Regionals for the Northwest, Nike was selling what looked like running tee shirts with the bottom cut off. Guys were wearing them all over the meet and I was thinking how goofy they looked, showing off their fantastic abs. But, now looking back on it. I guess they looked pretty cool. Just it wasn't hot for long... Running apparal-wise. Now they're a hot thing for summer.

From Mod Cloth 27.99
Worn by Krystal Simpson
The high waist of her pants shows off the waist but also shows off her belt
and has a nice loose top... [crop tops. not just for summer]
From American Apparel 22.00.
Worn by StylishWanderer Note the bright colored highwaisted jean shorts.

They're cool, breezy, and stylish... and I suppose they are real easy to make by one's self. Just take a loose tank top or tee-shirt and cut off the bottom half. It can be hemmed or left with unfinished edges... I'm gonna find myself a striped top.

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