Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July

(my kitters)
Yesterday (Saturday) I went to Renewed Expression's Annual garage sale. They get rid of their inventory for ... really inexpensive. From 8-11 everything was $2 and after 11am, everything was $1. They said that the did this last year, but I must have missed it. They're definitely doing it again next year. So if you're around the Boise area in the end of June and beginning of July, comment me and I'll tell you when to go. It is something not worth missing.

Cardi: thrifted. Camisole: Renewed Expressions. Softball belt: Garage sale. Old Navy Skirt: Old Navy. Red Wingtip Shoes: Church giveaway. Red Necklace: Garage Sale. Pearly Necklace: Boutique in Texas. Interchangeable Watch: Graduation Gift. Gold Leaf Ring: Renewed Expressions.

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