Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anna Sui

Anna Sui's spring line I just looked at and I really like it. It looks like something you can find in any store, but it has this 60's twist that I love. My three favorite decades are the 30's 40's and 60's. The thirties are really innovative, the 40's has a fun mix and matchy style and the 60's are just a fun pattern-y style.

I love pattern on pattern that works. I love the warm pallet of this outfit.
This dress just has the fun mod and print of the 60's. I can see her walking around her house on orange shag carpet.
This suit set I love probably again for the pattern. But, the cut is also real fun... and the neckline.
I really love the collar and the drop waist of this dress. The dress is just so playful. I love it.
This ensemble is so fun because of the pattern on pattern thing again. It's loud but the blues calm it down.
I also love these short ties. They're "men's-wear" with a playfulness..

After I find an orange-red shag carpet I'll find me some fun loud prints thrifting.

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