Sunday, November 8, 2009

Toilet Paper

Sky:::White coat-Renewed Expressions ($14); Black Dress-thrifted ($1); Green(baseball?)belt-thrifted ($1); Shiny pumps- thrifted ($1); Green clutch-church giveaway (free)

"TP story"
This day...November 1st, 2009 was our first toilet papering. We figured out the next day that it was my friends from cross country. It was cool even though they didn't do the best job, and after church I mummified Peach, my youngest sister.

Belt Story

Lilac:::Black and white jacket-Vanity fair ($5); White tank-OldNavy ($2); Blue tank-OldNavy (2$); White Skirt-Thriftstore (free); Beaded Wedges-thrift store ($2)

Sky:::Black Blazer-garage sale (.50); Black dress-Ross ($12); old 2" heels-church giveaway (free); Belts (free)

"Belt Story"
So, my sister's birthday was on Tuesday and from my grandmother she got a fuzzy blanket. The blanket was wrapped in two maroon ribbons attached with Velcro. A few days ago Lilac asked me if I wanted them, I said sure with the intent of wearing them as belts for Sunday. Now, there they sit at my waist smiling because they match my shoes. The cow print belt was from my church giveaway.

"Lilac's Story"
She doesn't know this but her skirt was a bit see-through. I told her that I could see her blue tank top through it but decided not to tell her that I could faintly see her underwear (because I am a lovely sister). So, she went all around church today and if someone was very interested then they could see her underwear. She still doesn't know this. Shh!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


My eighties outfit from my senior pictures. I had gotten this 'dress' from a garage sale and it is a XXXXXXXXXXXL shirt of some large lady. I took it in a bit, slimmed the arms, shortened the sleeves, and now it is a dress!

:::~Turquise 'dress,' garage sale {.50} ~Fishnets, mother {??} layered over ~gray nylons, mother {??} ~fav. pumps, thrifted {$1}

marshmallows, snow, and other white things

This is my white outfit. I took senior pictures on Saturday and I wanted a monochrome one, so here it is! The sun was just coming up which produces some tan skin for me. Even though all the white were different shades, it turned out okay.

I think that as long as the clothes are one color, you can layer them over each other and chances are it will look pretty good.

~White coat, ReNewed Expressions {$15}~Collared bib*, church giveaway {free} ~Crochet tank, Old Navy {$2} ~Ivory skirt, lady from my church who had some stuff from a garage sale a while ago. A lady donated it to her garage sale. {gift} ~my fav. pumps, thrifted {$1}

*this is the weirdest thing that is annoying to wear, but it's one of my favorite. It's a front with buttons and has a hole for my head, of course, and has a back. It has no sleeves and doesn't attach under my armpits which results in bunching. It's okay for a short time though, and under some tops.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love love love these pants!!!
They fit real swell and are super comfortable. They have really awesome paisley stuff on them and they're blue. My shoes are fantastic because they were a buck brand new!! And they make me taller which is def'nally a plus...

:::~White Collared Shirt, thrifted [$1], Blue pants, thrifted [$1], Yellow clutch, church giveaway [free], shoez! thrifted [$1]

Thursday, October 15, 2009


:::~flower print dress, thrifted {*$2 } ~Black Nylons { } ~SagHarbor, Mother’s from ross {free-ish}

Nerdychic and Pirate :)

:::~White collared blouse, thrifted {$2} ~Flower print top, Wet Seal {$5} ~Blue Jeans, Ross {$7}

On this day, a kid at school came up to me and commented on my outfits. He said that they are so unique and cool. I was really flattered and had so much confidence the rest of the day.

::: ~Candy cane sweater, church giveaway {free} ~White tank, unknown ~Black shorts, Old Navy {$2} ~Black boots, Shopko {$9}



I had so much fun wearing this outfit today. I watched transformers 2 with my 2 bestest friends and it was a fantastic movie. I hated the end but the rest was funny and had super intense special effects!!

:::~Flower dress, mother’s that I pinned up {free} ~Orange tie-dye tank, Old Navy{*$1 } ~Black leggings, pulse running store {for my b-day *$20?} ~gold flats, Old Navy {*2.50}

Last Day of School Eve


It’s the second to last day of school, and it rained. It doesn’t look like it now because it cleared up but from 8A.M. to 5P.M. the sky was all dreary and grey, but now it is beautiful!

:::~Wooden necklace, Claire’s {.50} ~Pearl necklace, made {nothing} ~Vest, found in our dress-up box as a kid {nothing} ~Flowered dress, thrift store {*$3}~Gold ribbon belt, church giveaway {free}


:::~inside-out beanie {gift from relative} ~Tie, church giveaway {free} ~Vest, thrift store ~maroon swishy top, Old Navy {*$2}~Khaki shorts, Old Navy find from garage sale {*$1}

Royal Velvet

This is the dress I made from a thrift store find. I only cut off the bottom and still need to hem it but I felt so beautifully simple. I also saw almost the exact dress in a TeenVogue issue that Emma Roberts wore. I love it.

:::~Purple velvet dress, thrift store {$2} ~Polka-dot bag, Wal-mart {gift from g-ma} ~Gold peep-toes, Church giveaway {free}