Sunday, January 29, 2012

Try and Stop Me

Once upon a time this boy said I was a hipster. My friends and family would assume I would brush this off quite casually, because that's just the kind of person I am, but it actually struck a cord with me. Throughout my young middle school and early high school life I've actually tried finding the stereotype I fit in. I wasn't a "prep" because when I tried wearing their brands after 2 shirts in, I ran out of money and the desire for the dumb bird or eagle on my shirt. I wasn't a "jock" because I never wore athletic clothes to school and really wasn't good at sports at that age. I wasn't a "nerd" because I wasn't into reading books and wasn't actually really good at school, and I was just curious where I fit in. So, after years of deliberation, I just deemed myself as just me and decided to just do what I enjoyed doing, wear what I thought looked good, and listen to what I thought sounded nice. I developed my style, swag, and crazy loudness.

In the reading of the wiki page I linked to above I kind of fit in with the group. I like Coldplay, I own wayfarers from the thrift store, I have buddy holly style sunglasses, I have cut off jean shorts, quite too many granny sweaters, and I have floppy poof hair.

Maan, this is a downer. I think I'll probably just keep shopping at thrift stores because I have no money, though. Plus, I really love the music I listen to and others can and may listen to it with me and I encourage them, and I know I have a sunglasses and shoe-fetish, so this accounts to me having more than enough sunglasses for a middle-class daughter. People like labels because it makes them feel like they belong, but everyone wants to feel special and unique and stuffing them into a category defeats all purpose of individuality. Screw this whole rant and just be yourself, form your own opinions, and ... be happy?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rejoice your skills

As you can see by the photos following this typing, there are pictures. Your may or may not be asking the question "How are these photos possible with a broken camera?" I would answer that question with the fact that I fixed it!

So, my camera was 'broken' because it couldn't read a perfectly fine memory card. It said there was a memory card error. I thought it was the reader's fault. The next action I took was an obvious solution to my problem. I took apart my camera. I got out some teenie screwdrivers and tried getting to the reader. 20 screws out and I couldn't get the last one out for it was too tight, so I just put it all together after cleaning the whole thing out. I decided to stick the memory card in my computer when my camera still couldn't read it and all it needed was reconfiguring. I came out of this technical adventure with 3 upcoming non-outfit posts, a cleaner and smoother functioning camera, a dirtier led screen, and 2 lost screws. I am not sure if I came out with more positive than negative, but my camera works and that's all that matters.

Here's my yesterday's outfit that I re-put on after I fixed my camera. I was going to add dress and boots to yesterday's spring inspirations, but forgot. So, this spring, wear boots with a spring-ish dress to call in the rains, the flowers, and the sunny blue skies!

Fuzzy hat: gifted. Long striped top: thrifted. Dress: 2ndhand. Red Socks: online. Platform ankle boots: JCPenny.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spring Trends

Hello all! It is a lovely Spwinter (spring/winter) day here in Idaho and I am posting on a few things I am excited about for the spring season. It is coming to the months around this part of the world where the weather can be wildly unpredictable, but there are still days where you're allowed to bare a bit more skin. All the photo cred's are linked to blogs I absolutely love to look at, so check those out!!

1. It's a great scandal: While it isn't quite warm enough to bare all, show a hint of skin like the model in this Russian Vogue editorial is. A decorative bralette can be worn under a blazer or cardigan paired with something high-waisted and one that isn't covered in adjuncts can be worn under sheer or lace. (photo cred)

2. I tip my hat: I feel like this spring its important to sport hats, they'll keep you warm, but fabulositize the look. Get your hands on a cute basic wool floppy and prance down your runway whether it's the school halls, the sidewalk out your front door, or the downtown streets.

This women has got some of the best trends (in my opinion) on. She's got on nude shoes which I believe are one of the essential heel colors to own; not only do go well with endless outfits, but the nude color makes the transition to the legs smooth making your legs look longer. She's got on the neutral colors paired with a pop of a candy apple red bag. Lastly, she's got on a snake-print dress. I have recently fallen in love with snake print... I'd say it's my favorite print. (photo cred)

3. Legs need air: Mr. Sun is deciding to do his job, so get your skirts and dresses out. You may already have them out... so, maybe just put your tights and knee boots away. But, keep your sweaters because it's still cold. Layering a sweater over a medium length skirt keeps you warm if it's breezy, but allows those ankles to be shown off. Because everyone should like their ankles.
(photo cred)

4. Chunks spilling out: To extend that whole savor-the-sweater thing here I have seen this done many times in many different ways. Wear a chunky sweater and some shorts. Tuck the sweater in, spill half out half in, or let it cover all but the hem of the short. Wear a falling-off-the-shoulder sweater with some DIY destroyed jeans. Mix textures and patterns like with some plaid or tweed shorts and a simple neutral sweater. Do what
(photo cred)

5. Shoot me with a color blaster: The goal here is to play with primaries. Don't overload on color because we don't want people collapsing with sensory overload. An easy way to avoid looking clown-ish is to use the pop-of-color that I talk about a lot in my blog. Set a vibrant color off with neutrals like blacks, whites, or browns.

(photo cred)
Another tip to mixing colors is the age old color wheel. The girl above uses colors all from one side of the wheel from the light blue of her shorts to the red in her scarf.

Enjoy your soon to be spring inspirations!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pleading Innocent

I many not have outfit posts for an unidentified allotted amount of time. I dropped my camera and it has forgotten how to read my memory card. Now I have blown into the battery, yelled at the camera, and rubbed the memory card vigorously and it is still having issues. So, I hope this outfit will sustain you for... however long it takes my camera to recover.

Maybe I'll try some different style posts...this could be fun!

Sweater: mother's. Jean collared shirt: wet seal. Skirt: friend's. Belt: other friend's. Grey tights: Target. Two-tone peep toes: thrifted.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creamy Schmooze

You can get your way if you know the right people. It comes in handy sometimes. Then you get stuff you wanted but never paid for.

Cardigan: Target. Flower Halter: thrifted. Pleated Skirt: 2ndhand. Red Socks: online. Platform sandals: thrifted.

Monday, January 16, 2012


"Actions speak louder than words" I don't have a clue who made this up, but I do know it's very true. There is only a certain extent where one does what they are told to. The most powerful leadership is one where one leads by they actions and people who see this make their own choice to follow or not.

My fashion example of this is in school. I don't actually have documentation on this and maybe it will make a fun project, but as of now this is not statistically significant. I get dressed up for class. People on campus rarely see me in sweats unless we run together. The other students in the class wear sweats to class. I notice that after a few weeks of dressing up in class, the girls seem to get dressed up more. I love seeing people actually get ready for the day, so this makes me very happy. I like to tell myself that because I get dressed up for class that they start to get dressed for class. I don't know if I will every be able to make some sort of study about this. For now, I'd like to say that I get people to be beautiful for the day.

Sheer top: thrifted. Belt: friend's. Skirt: 2ndhand. Tights: Target. Pointed flats: Rave.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lil' thuggy

This outfit was inspired by this outfit I saw on one of my blog sites I follow. I tried doing colorblock with the shirt/ shorts/ socks combo. Also I thought that the gold chain and purple collar made me look like a thug. The End.