Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spring Trends

Hello all! It is a lovely Spwinter (spring/winter) day here in Idaho and I am posting on a few things I am excited about for the spring season. It is coming to the months around this part of the world where the weather can be wildly unpredictable, but there are still days where you're allowed to bare a bit more skin. All the photo cred's are linked to blogs I absolutely love to look at, so check those out!!

1. It's a great scandal: While it isn't quite warm enough to bare all, show a hint of skin like the model in this Russian Vogue editorial is. A decorative bralette can be worn under a blazer or cardigan paired with something high-waisted and one that isn't covered in adjuncts can be worn under sheer or lace. (photo cred)

2. I tip my hat: I feel like this spring its important to sport hats, they'll keep you warm, but fabulositize the look. Get your hands on a cute basic wool floppy and prance down your runway whether it's the school halls, the sidewalk out your front door, or the downtown streets.

This women has got some of the best trends (in my opinion) on. She's got on nude shoes which I believe are one of the essential heel colors to own; not only do go well with endless outfits, but the nude color makes the transition to the legs smooth making your legs look longer. She's got on the neutral colors paired with a pop of a candy apple red bag. Lastly, she's got on a snake-print dress. I have recently fallen in love with snake print... I'd say it's my favorite print. (photo cred)

3. Legs need air: Mr. Sun is deciding to do his job, so get your skirts and dresses out. You may already have them out... so, maybe just put your tights and knee boots away. But, keep your sweaters because it's still cold. Layering a sweater over a medium length skirt keeps you warm if it's breezy, but allows those ankles to be shown off. Because everyone should like their ankles.
(photo cred)

4. Chunks spilling out: To extend that whole savor-the-sweater thing here I have seen this done many times in many different ways. Wear a chunky sweater and some shorts. Tuck the sweater in, spill half out half in, or let it cover all but the hem of the short. Wear a falling-off-the-shoulder sweater with some DIY destroyed jeans. Mix textures and patterns like with some plaid or tweed shorts and a simple neutral sweater. Do what
(photo cred)

5. Shoot me with a color blaster: The goal here is to play with primaries. Don't overload on color because we don't want people collapsing with sensory overload. An easy way to avoid looking clown-ish is to use the pop-of-color that I talk about a lot in my blog. Set a vibrant color off with neutrals like blacks, whites, or browns.

(photo cred)
Another tip to mixing colors is the age old color wheel. The girl above uses colors all from one side of the wheel from the light blue of her shorts to the red in her scarf.

Enjoy your soon to be spring inspirations!!!

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