Friday, January 27, 2012

Rejoice your skills

As you can see by the photos following this typing, there are pictures. Your may or may not be asking the question "How are these photos possible with a broken camera?" I would answer that question with the fact that I fixed it!

So, my camera was 'broken' because it couldn't read a perfectly fine memory card. It said there was a memory card error. I thought it was the reader's fault. The next action I took was an obvious solution to my problem. I took apart my camera. I got out some teenie screwdrivers and tried getting to the reader. 20 screws out and I couldn't get the last one out for it was too tight, so I just put it all together after cleaning the whole thing out. I decided to stick the memory card in my computer when my camera still couldn't read it and all it needed was reconfiguring. I came out of this technical adventure with 3 upcoming non-outfit posts, a cleaner and smoother functioning camera, a dirtier led screen, and 2 lost screws. I am not sure if I came out with more positive than negative, but my camera works and that's all that matters.

Here's my yesterday's outfit that I re-put on after I fixed my camera. I was going to add dress and boots to yesterday's spring inspirations, but forgot. So, this spring, wear boots with a spring-ish dress to call in the rains, the flowers, and the sunny blue skies!

Fuzzy hat: gifted. Long striped top: thrifted. Dress: 2ndhand. Red Socks: online. Platform ankle boots: JCPenny.

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