Sunday, January 29, 2012

Try and Stop Me

Once upon a time this boy said I was a hipster. My friends and family would assume I would brush this off quite casually, because that's just the kind of person I am, but it actually struck a cord with me. Throughout my young middle school and early high school life I've actually tried finding the stereotype I fit in. I wasn't a "prep" because when I tried wearing their brands after 2 shirts in, I ran out of money and the desire for the dumb bird or eagle on my shirt. I wasn't a "jock" because I never wore athletic clothes to school and really wasn't good at sports at that age. I wasn't a "nerd" because I wasn't into reading books and wasn't actually really good at school, and I was just curious where I fit in. So, after years of deliberation, I just deemed myself as just me and decided to just do what I enjoyed doing, wear what I thought looked good, and listen to what I thought sounded nice. I developed my style, swag, and crazy loudness.

In the reading of the wiki page I linked to above I kind of fit in with the group. I like Coldplay, I own wayfarers from the thrift store, I have buddy holly style sunglasses, I have cut off jean shorts, quite too many granny sweaters, and I have floppy poof hair.

Maan, this is a downer. I think I'll probably just keep shopping at thrift stores because I have no money, though. Plus, I really love the music I listen to and others can and may listen to it with me and I encourage them, and I know I have a sunglasses and shoe-fetish, so this accounts to me having more than enough sunglasses for a middle-class daughter. People like labels because it makes them feel like they belong, but everyone wants to feel special and unique and stuffing them into a category defeats all purpose of individuality. Screw this whole rant and just be yourself, form your own opinions, and ... be happy?

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