Saturday, October 24, 2009

marshmallows, snow, and other white things

This is my white outfit. I took senior pictures on Saturday and I wanted a monochrome one, so here it is! The sun was just coming up which produces some tan skin for me. Even though all the white were different shades, it turned out okay.

I think that as long as the clothes are one color, you can layer them over each other and chances are it will look pretty good.

~White coat, ReNewed Expressions {$15}~Collared bib*, church giveaway {free} ~Crochet tank, Old Navy {$2} ~Ivory skirt, lady from my church who had some stuff from a garage sale a while ago. A lady donated it to her garage sale. {gift} ~my fav. pumps, thrifted {$1}

*this is the weirdest thing that is annoying to wear, but it's one of my favorite. It's a front with buttons and has a hole for my head, of course, and has a back. It has no sleeves and doesn't attach under my armpits which results in bunching. It's okay for a short time though, and under some tops.

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