Sunday, November 8, 2009

Belt Story

Lilac:::Black and white jacket-Vanity fair ($5); White tank-OldNavy ($2); Blue tank-OldNavy (2$); White Skirt-Thriftstore (free); Beaded Wedges-thrift store ($2)

Sky:::Black Blazer-garage sale (.50); Black dress-Ross ($12); old 2" heels-church giveaway (free); Belts (free)

"Belt Story"
So, my sister's birthday was on Tuesday and from my grandmother she got a fuzzy blanket. The blanket was wrapped in two maroon ribbons attached with Velcro. A few days ago Lilac asked me if I wanted them, I said sure with the intent of wearing them as belts for Sunday. Now, there they sit at my waist smiling because they match my shoes. The cow print belt was from my church giveaway.

"Lilac's Story"
She doesn't know this but her skirt was a bit see-through. I told her that I could see her blue tank top through it but decided not to tell her that I could faintly see her underwear (because I am a lovely sister). So, she went all around church today and if someone was very interested then they could see her underwear. She still doesn't know this. Shh!

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