Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Army style. Menswear with 'Rosie the Riveter' kick.

How to pull this look: Wear khakis, olive green, blazers, collars, or brown. Add something soft like a skirt or the color white. You can top it off with some strappy heels or slouchy boots. OR you can wear some man-shoes.
Her coat and boots are the army stuff and her skirt is the softness.

Her brown colored coat is the army and her crisp black romper is the softness.
Her shorts and the color of her wedges are the army and the style of her shoes and her white tank top is the softness.
I hope by now you can figure it out brown, white, blazer, and dark heels.

UO has got a whole line of the here.

The style was originally introduced over a year ago, the fall of '09, but I suppose it'll stick around a while longer.

I used this as inspiration to what I wore to the Laugheed house in Calgary, Canada.

Navy blazer: from a friend. Flower dress: fixed up from my mama's closet. "socks": upside down leggings from when I was a wee thing. Black slouchy boots: Shopko. Bag: The Pixies 2003 (my dad got it for me as a souvenir)

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