Friday, December 21, 2012

Snicket Snake

 WARNING: This post is very tangential. Here is my map of tangents, so that I don't have to explain it long-hand: I like snake-print, I don't like snakes, snake sounds like snicket, snicket- lemoney snicket, is a dude, his name isn't "Lemoney" it's John, that's boring, I see why he'd change it, Gaga says that she changes the way she views her past to make it seem beautiful, maybe people would be happier if they just changed how they see events?

So, there are a zillion ways to approach the same situation and each person has a different way. To see the beauty of it all, an open mind is needed and a desire to understand. While this is so vague, I hope it helps someone today or whenever this is read to maybe reveal a certain situation. (?)

Snakeprint sweater: thrifted. Linen skirt: 2ndhand. Socks: cut-off old footed tights. Stiletto boots: JCpenny.

Here's to love and thought!

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