Sunday, December 15, 2013


It's about time. I have actually died. Just kidding. I have not been here for a while. The deprivation of not only my postings but the not keeping on all things fashion has made me die a little. I even went on a 2 month shopping hiatus. It was weird. I am sorry to myself, to my friends and family, and to any weirdos on my blog. 

As it is obviously close to Christmas and New Year's it is probably a better time to think of the future than to dwell on my non-doings. My advise to people doesn't come often, but if I think of something to tell people it is generally quite meaningful. So, to enlighten a few here is a list of things to do (I love lists):

1) Don't get Christmas presents online from here on out or you will have the chance of not getting them on time. Etsy has things coming in internationally and it might take longer than you thought.
2) Wear a coat; it is cold outside. Just keeping it simple.
3) Don't let snow and ice from keeping you from wearing difficult shoes; it is still possible to walk. If you are worried about twisting an ankle, don't do it.
4) The holidays are here, so don't forget to exercise because there will be a lot of goodies and it's easy to feel guilty. Don't feel guilty in the holiday season. I am going to do an ab workout tomorrow!
5) Spend time with people you kind of miss. Or things you haven't done in a while. I played the piano today and it was funny how my fingers just sort of remembered what it was like.
6) (not really a number to stop at, but I don't want to overwhelm with a long list of commands) Sing and dance. Dance around the Christmas tree and sing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs and annoy everyone around you. I swear it's a good idea. Force that Xmas spirit!

~Be your best

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