Sunday, January 9, 2011


For the past 3 weeks I had the privilege of making dinner. I was able to buy whatever I wanted to at the grocery store without paying my money and make any type of vegetarian meal I wanted! Boy, did I have fun. I made 15 different dinners and a few desserts. I just would forget to take pictures. So, here is a little 'flavor' of what I had made.

Pumpkin pie, with really nasty crust. I used some old cookie crumbs in a can... they were old.

Layered crepes; I loved this so much, twas very good. yay me!! In all honesty I am positive I have become slightly more skilled in the kitchen. My mom used to make her own food and the rest of my family seemed to try and hide how much they didn't enjoy my meals. My parents now get home at 6 on the dot and my sisters get angry when they have to wait on my parents. Haha!

Spinach and mushroom layered with tomatoes and lentils separated by crepes.

This is my raspberry meringue. I don't have any idea how it was supposed to turn out, but I just followed the recipe almost exactly and got this. The cake layers were probably a bit too hard and too sweet. I would probably want to put less sugar in it, and bake it for even less time that I had. Otherwise... it was still yummilicious.

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