Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More celebrations..

These are some pictures I snapped of a magazine in like, November. The styles may be a bit outdated, for this was LAST YEAR, but it's always good to know what is in the now. *teehee*:D

One morning, I woke up (post haircut) and realized my hair looks like a Mohawk. So, I took pictures. It's a glorious day when your hair looks like a Mohawk when you wake up, 'cept I am not really at all expressing how glorious it is that my hair is in a Mohawk. (I don't really know why Mohawk is capitalized, but my computer spell check says to do so...)

I painted my nails all cool-like for the new year. HAPPY 2011 TO ALL!!

Okay, so this picture looks particularly 'ridic'. This is because we were in Oldnavy, I didn't do my hair (ish), didn't do my make-up, and was trying to make the skirt go all flowy so that the "picture-viewer" would see how this is a very awesome children's skirt. So, I put it on and twirled around the store. Because this is my only picture of the outfit I wore, which I particularly liked, I had to post it. Oh, and plus, I don't really care if I look like a dweeb.

I wore a tuxedo-style blazer (thrifted), a knit top (2ndhand) over a black sports bra, highwaisted shorts (thrifted), black tights, black boots, and, saving the best for last, neon orange knee socks (online)! Okay, so the picture doesn't actually prove to you that the socks are that bright, but they ARE. They look plain ol' orange, but they are like highlighter orange, they practically glow, and I would for surely be seen if I was perhaps J-walking... in the night. No, I wouldn't try that just to prove a point, and I advise no one else to do such a thing.

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