Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Penguin Day!

Today is Penquin Appreciation day and in my apreciation for penguins I picked out some great black with white outfits. I just realized though, that it's mostly black with some white. Well, enjoy the penguins! Oh and in respect of the penguins who have a smallening place to live, please... don't let your water run when you are shaving... today... and THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! taha!

Emily Weiss from Vogue's "5 Days 5 outfits 1 woman"
-While this outfit looks ridiculously simple, there are things that can go wrong with black, on black, on black. Keep in mind proportions, because you don't want to get lost in a black hole, and shading because black is not always black.

I just really dug this great blue hair and noticed she's wearing black and white! Well, you can do black and white with a pop of bright color: her red and blue.

Anne Hathaway in a spread for Vogue
-Nothing much to say except for black can be completely sophisticated and flattering.

Valentino's 2011 Pre-Fall collection
-I just really loved this sheer stuff. I think if anyone is going to pull sheer, pull it in black and maybe white... colors get kinda tacky.

Alexander Mcqueen
-Nothing to say but "sigh"

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