Sunday, December 19, 2010


On a particular day, yesterday, Saturday, I dyed my hair pink. It is cotton candy by Manic Panic, for whosoever wants to know. I am loving it so much. My sister says it kind of reminds her of that lady from Grease. ps: If anyone with dark hair wants to do this be sure to lighten it first. I used half of the package of Revlon's Frost and Glow kit and applied it using foil. If you want to know exactly how to do this, just comment. Peace be with thee this Christmas season!

(sorry, it's blurry. Photographer's fault)

Dress: OldNavy (thrifted). Green Skirt: 2ndhand. Gold Belt: Church giveaway. Tights: Target. Shoes: Thrifted. Blazer: Thrifted.

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