Tuesday, April 6, 2010

80's workout pants

I found these amazing pants before going on my college trips last week during spring break. I was looking in my mom's closet for anything she recently stole and found these! They are uber comfy but looked kind of like washed out cotton; it has that greyish black look.

On the spring break trip though, I found some pants similar to these ones made of a nicer fabric. They were 25 cents!! I found them in a Montana thrift store and will have to wear them soon. At that thrift store I also found a beautiful hand-done clear plastic ring. I will wear that soon, too.

Perhaps to my senior project presentation! To liven up my outfit. I picked a really simple outfit to look professional for the driver's education class. I am teaching bike safety.I need to get new flats. These ones have terrible holes on the bottom that you can't really see from the pictures. I have had them since middle school, though, so it's about time.

Animal print dress: F21. Necklace: mm...idk. Black Cardi: Thrifted. Black denim vest: Thrifted. Foot hooked pants: mother's. Silver flats: Oldnavy.

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  1. I love the leotards and stirrup pants...revival it fashion for ever