Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Shoes!

White Collared shirt: Goodwill. Black velvet mini dress: Goodwill. Pearly necklace: thrifted. Bag: in the free pile. Gold belt: Church giveaway. Skirt: Oldnavy. 50's style heels: thrifted.
Jean vest: thrifted. Flower-print dress: thrifted. Black Tights: intranet (e*bay). White shoes (.22): thrifted.

I got some new shoes on Saturday from the thrift store. Lilac, Polly-Mol, and I bicycled over and spent many fantastic hours there. I had also found that necklace, that bag (in the free section), a swimsuit, and a pair of levi shorts I am going to turn into daisy duke's. Katy Perry's new song "California Girls" was my inspiration. I didn't know what daisy duke's were till I googled it and found the show and the movie with Jessica Simpson. Haven't seen either... I think it may be a waste of time.

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