Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Lessons in Life

1. Watch windmills spinning. A lot of people think that windmills are ugly but I think they are beautiful and majestic. I love watching them and thinking about how they transfer energy from the wind to places around the country.
2. Make random things into dresses. A family friend is getting married this Saturday and my mom made some paper flowers for decoration. I had to bring them all to church to give them to her mom so I traveled with all these flower things. I got some funny looks, but it was fun because they're so fluffy and beautiful...
3. I think this is them most important. You must make homemade bagels. I made these a little while back and they were the best things in the world. I try to avoid exaggeration as much as I can, but this is probably the best tasting things in the world. I made them with Peach and it took about 2 hours, but all that time was completely worth it. You don't even have to toast it and cream cheese it because it is so good just by itself.

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