Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Roll Partay

Well, my mom's friend helped a bunch of us make spring rolls. Gosh, they were all so good. We had fried spring rolls and fresh spring rolls that didn't get fried. The lady was vegetarian so she made meat ones and we got to share the meatless ones.

These are the fried spring rolls. They had noodles, mushrooms, carrots, onions, and other things I can't remember. They were wrapped in magical rice paper that gets sticky when you wet them. We dipped them in a special vegetarian sauce. The non vegetarian sauce is a fish sauce that smells kinda funny. The meat ones were filled with shrimp.

These are the fresh spring rolls. They have noodles, lettuce, faux sandwich meat, cucumber, and tofu in it. The rose thing in the middle was made out of a tomato. The peel was super carefully cut away from the tomato in a long strip and twirled for the flower. The meat alternative had crab and shrimp in it.

These are the lovely desserts we had. Chocolate cake, lime pie, and a delicious pineapple pudding jello thing.

Us children put our juice box juice in fancy glasses.

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