Friday, May 20, 2011

Salutations Sir Summer

Hello my little bloggie world. I am 30 minutes into my summer break and needed to start it off on a good foot...note. I am needing to do many things in these next 3 months and needed to get organized. I had promised my future self to put all of my juices into my passion, so here I am trying to kick start that process and tell you a little about my summer plans.

1. I want to start off with simplicity. This picture is from Karla Deras and it spoke to me of simple beauty. The background is of some really awesome place on some really awesome weathered place but the dress is quite simple. The whole scene makes me want to illustrate a story for it, but is to the point. I don't yet know what that point is, just like I don't know what my summer's point is but I am aiming my summer fashion to be simple and to the point.This summer I want to take every step with meaning and getting ready for the day is the first step. Think about what you want, make a moment, and when you get out of bed, then put your pillow in the right place.
2. My next point is for me to know what works and perfect it. I have hair similar to this girl's hair (which I believe is quite AWESOME; pepperandchips). My hair has worked for me for the past few years and I actually don't get tired of it. I tweak some things every time I cut it, but overall it suits my life's style well. I want to take what I know works for me and perfect it. I love fashion, but I want to know more, so I will read about fashion. I love thrifting, but I need to get something more from it, so I am going to work harder at reselling my finds. This leads me to my next point.

3. I am needing to expand my experience. There is a girl on a bike because I bike most everywhere in the summer. I will bike the the thrift store, and to my future unknown job. I have never had a job before and absolutely need experience in that department. The girl in the picture (from Vanessa Jackman) is carefree. Where she is going only she knows, likely nowhere, but she knows she is going to have to work to get there.

4. The last point is kind of desire and the otherside to desire. This photo from Luxirare when she went to Istanbul. The piece of jewelry looks as if it has an eye in it and for whatever reason the picture makes me think of the future and longing and while it creates angst, it also makes me think of an inner peace. I want to travel really bad and know that I need to focus on other things but in the future, I want to go see the world and see the beauty in it. This desire makes me have those airplane jitters. The jitters that you get when you are getting on the plane and you're in your seet knowing you're going to see something awesome or visit someone you haven't seen for a while. Those excited bubbles in your tummy feel as if your insides are suddenly becoming carbonated. Well, that's what I feel with this picture.

The feeling I get from this picture then reminds me of my new mind line of thinking. After a buddhist guy came and taught a little about buddhism, a few months ago, I got really curious about what made him feel collected. I won't become buddhist, if any of you reading this is worried, but I have stopped killing bugs (which is quite an issue because the 6 plants in my room have attracted a large family of flying things) and I am working on what I can focus on right here and right now. Don't worry too much into the future and don't dwell in the past, just focus on what you have control over right now and do it the best you can.

If I am accomplishing my 4 summer points then you will be seeing some good blog posts. If not, I am going to need some refreshing... maybe one of those 100 minute run at 5 in the morning... ooh that is a good punishment! So, if I am getting lost and catch myself, I will do one of my uber long runs at 5 AM.

Hope my goals inspire you for a great summer!

Tauk tu yuh leytur,


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