Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dripping Gold and Glitter

I have noticed recently an uptake in gold, bling, sparkle, and shine in fashion and I wanted to link it to the art I studied. I saw this intricate, expensive-looking style first in my art of the Romantic period art class. There was this time in the late 17th century and the early 18th century in Europe when architecture was very glitzy and opulent. The walls were decorated with spectacular gold details. This time was known as the Rococo period. The Gallery of Mirrors in Versailles was made by request of Louis XIV to impress and entertain nobles and foreign visitors.

Nobles began to build grand homes or hotels similar to the style King Louis XIV. The Soubise family had a really glamorous home that was decorated with gold woodcarvings and stuccowork. There was an especially beautiful room for the princess of the 63 year old prince. He wanted it made especially beautiful for his 19 year old princess because he loved her so much. That is where most of the Rococo art was based on... LOVE! Well, I don't really know if this huge age difference was a hurdle to their love, but whatever the dynamic of their love was, he made her room very grand and beautiful.

The two following pictures are from bloggers that I have first seen this delicate and blinged out style on. Geri from Lust for life wears gold framed aviators that match her gold-foil pleated skirt.
(ps: pleated circle skirts are an easy way to cute-fy and flirty-fy a day... because it's a spinny skirt) She also accessorizes this romantic outfit with gold bangles and the bow.

Kelly from Glamourai also is wearing gold framed glasses and gold jewelry. The best way to accent an outfit with gold is to wear black or white which shows off the gold pieces well. Kelly is wearing a black blazer with gold in it with a collared white shirt. She isn't over-doing the gold-factor because she has tied the outfit from head to toe with black from her beanie to her blickety black pants.

The gold is a romantic look and is fitting for a Valentine's date! Yum!

I've found some designers that have used this romantic opulent look in their spring collections. I made up this theory that today's woman needs to feel wealthy and extravagant and gold, jewels, sparkle, and shine is going to make her feel that way.

With that said, I present to you:

Chanel's haute couture 2012 show

chanel 2012 spring


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