Thursday, September 9, 2010

First supposed day of school

Showed up for my first class which was a Biology lab and there were about 10 other people there in the class with me. It was 8.25 and I was like, "Man, where could the teacher be?! They're already late." Then another professor walks in and says, "I don't think you guys have class. Your teacher should have told you." Well, guess what? They didn't so I drove half an hour for what? Nothing. A giant waste of gas. Oh, and I got all ready for school. For? No one. It was quite upsetting.

Ah, well I guess I have tomorrow, and YOU guys can see what I wore:

Blazer: Garage sale. Lace Cami: Renewed Expressions. Cargo Green shorts: Vanity Fair. Clogs: Thrifted.

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