Sunday, September 19, 2010

For no other reason.

I have quick story of the shorts. A few hours ago then my mom asked my youngest sister if she could fit in these (the ones I am wearing) would fit her because they were too small on her. She tried them on and was quit swimming in them. I told her, "Hey, lets trade shorts." I had been wearing my dark green shorts that were definitely too small and had been too small for a while. My sis pulled the drawstring and now they fit her and follow her school's strict dresscode. I put on hers and they fit perfectly and matched me. Now the thing is, my mother is a lot smaller than I; smaller feet, smaller stature, smaller body. How can these shorts be too small for her but fit me??? Whatever, I am keeping them.

Shorts: Mother. Halter: Gift. Hat: Originally Grampa's.

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