Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Gaga's Sweater

Completely irrelevant to fashion except for mentioning Gaga's name, there is an ice cream place in Britain that is making 22 dollar ice cream out of breast milk and calling it Baby Gaga. Wait, they were going to call it Baby Gaga but then Gaga said she was going to sue, so they probably are renaming it. The point was that it was made out of breast milk. That's weird. I am super duper curious how it differs from regular ice cream, but it also seems kind of gross. Then again, the milk is pretty much the same that I first had when I was born. It's just like baby food for grown ups.
Outside of the ice cream issue, I think it is really cool to be such an icon that people are making crazy ice cream and naming it after Gaga.

Sweater: JCPenny. Sweater dress: thrifted. faux sox: leggings from when I was a kid. Boots: Ross.

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