Friday, March 25, 2011

Relatively Speaking

My new favorite phrase is relatively speaking. Placed correctly in a conversation, it comes right after an opinion or statement. For example, "Kiwi's are tasty, relatively speaking." The kiwi may be tasty to some or not so much to others. It all just depends what perspective you are looking at it from. This is a super good thing to keep in mind as the world gets taken on. It makes anything a correct or incorrect statement.
There are rules people make up to get dressed. "Don't wear socks with sandals" "Don't mix black and brown" These 'rules' are dumb. How is someone supposed to expand their view of style and take chances, if they have to follow rules? Rules are guidelines. You can follow them or ignore them and go and make a statement, because relatively speaking, you look good.

Scarf: hem of skirt. Lace top: 2nd hand. Softball Belt: thrifted. Shorts: thrifted. Boots: Target.

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